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A Message to our Broadcasters (May 23, 2022)...

Dear Homecoming Radio Broadcasters,

As we approach the future after a world-changing pandemic, along with the sudden loss of our beloved Phil Brower, we are pleased to now provide you with some fresh programs to take you through the coming summer months! These shows are newly remixed to include current chart-topping tunes, fresh conversation, and updated interviews -- all while honoring the format your listeners are accustomed to hearing. The weekend programs that have been recently added to our website as well as to our FTP directories reflect these updates (June 3 and beyond).

We are committed to Bill Gaither's Homecoming Radio and we are so appreciative of the relationship with each of our radio partners. Our goal is to continue to update and refresh programs now, service you as best we can with promotional support, and have all-new programming by the end of this year. The ongoing ripple effects of the pandemic have delayed our best laid plans, but we are excited about the next steps for Homecoming Radio!

Daniel Britt, Program Producer,
Bill Gaither's Homecoming Radio

The message above was emailed to our broadcaster email distribution list. If you did not receive it, please submit your information using our Contact/Mailing List form.


If you wish to visit Phil Brower's memorial service of May 23, 2021, please click on this link -

A tribute to Phil can also be viewed at

Homecoming Radio Programs

Welcome to the Broadcasters Download Site for Bill Gaither's Homecoming Radio program! We are appreciative of the hundreds of radio stations throughout the world who regularly provide the "Best of the Best" in gospel music week after week via our Homecoming Radio offerings. On this page we make available to our radio stations a new Homecoming Radio program each week.


NOTE: While we offer our Gaither Homecoming Radio programs to our broadcasters free of charge, we do request that new radio station users contact us to register as one of our broadcasters and for permission to download and air the files available on our site. It's important to us to know our broadcasters in order that we be able to maintain quality control as well as to have the ability to contact our users with updates and information as needed. There are no affadavits that require signatures in order to air HCR. Click here to access our "Contact Homecoming Radio" form if you wish to broadcast Homecoming Radio, or if you are a current broadcaster who has never done so.

Broadcasters who wish to air our program more than once a week are encouraged to use our "Daily Program Calendar Page." On this page, archived programs (same length and format as our "weekend programs") are scheduled five days a week in a manner which will help broadcasters maintain an effective rotation of past shows and also avoid shows which are time-sensitive by season, holidays, etc. The calendar page is provided as a convenience to our radio station users.


We also provide a simple "Program Archives" page which allows our broadcasters to download from an assortment of an additional thirty relatively recent past programs to use at their discretion.

The programs are in MP3 format and the file size of each MP3 is about 110 Mb. The time sheets are in Excel (.xls) format (under 35 Kb) and provide the broadcaster with a complete list of all songs in the program, song time, CD name, recording label, and the times where breaks are located. The MP3 and Timesheet for each hour-long program are available below for download by clicking on the appropriate "Download" button. Download time may vary depending on your internet connection speed.

If you need segmented files for broadcasting Bill Gaither Homecoming Radio and would like FTP instructions - CLICK HERE.

Half Hour Version Available

30-Minute & 60-Minute Versions Available!

For more than ten years, HOMECOMING RADIO has brought hope, joy and encouragement to listeners on over 2,500 radio stations worldwide. Now, Bill Gaither & Friends serve up the best in gospel music each and every day! Includes interviews with gospel music icons and "classic moments." Sign up today and give your listeners an uplifting half-hour or hour of gospel music – once a week, or all week long. Click here for the 30-Minute Download Calendar!

New Weekend Program and Time Sheet Downloads

To download, be sure to right-click on the buttons below and select "Save Target As." If using a Mac, control-click on the buttons.


Airs Week of...

Program MP3

Time Sheet (.xls)

  11/4 - 11/10, 2022
Download File
Download File  
  11/11 - 11/17, 2022
Download File
Download File  
  11/18 - 11/24, 2022
Download File
Download File  
  11/25 - 12/1, 2022
Download File
Download File  
  12/2 - 12/8, 2022
Download File
In Process  
  12/9 - 12/15, 2022
Download File
In Process  


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